25 WordPress Themes That Make You Smile

Green Splash“A smile is like tight underwear - it makes your cheeks go up.”

How many times a day do you smile?

Do you have a good sense of humor and laugh easily? Maybe you are a giggler with your lips always ready to curve in a friendly smile? Or are you a gloomy nerd with raccoon eyes staring at your computer screen all day long?

It doesn’t matter what kind of temperament you have, a fresh portion of optimism will make refreshing effect on you any time, any day.

Did you know that it was proved by psychologists that when we begin to smile, our mood automatically rises up?

Moreover, it’s very useful for health to laugh and smile. This simple, pleasant technique helps us get rid of stress and depression, which became unwelcomed, yet frequent guests of modern people. This happens because of the backbreaking informational burden, falling down on us from all sides.

Have you ever thought how many tints an ordinary smile can have? How many emotions can it express?

It’s really very interesting: smiles can be happy, derisive, intriguing, disarming, infectious, radiant, dreamy, melancholy, sympathetic, crooked, scoffing, malicious … This list could be much longer, as you understand.

Did you hear anything about James-Lange theory of emotions?

As far as I remember one of its thesis sounds like that: “We cry not because we are sad, but we are sad because we cry”. It’s a disputable issue, but if you dig deeper into the matter you’ll understand how right he is.

Getting Closer to the Matter

Today we decided to light up your day with positive emotions and funny, cute, cheerful WordPress designs will help us to do that.

Why did we choose WordPress?

The answer is obvious: it’s the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. Millions of sites use it for their websites and are absolutely satisfied with the performance.

WordPress is an open source project, so hundreds of software enthusiasts worldwide work on its perfection. Every day new plugins, widgets and extensions emerge on the web, so you can constantly improve the functionality of your WordPress based site.

It was conceived initially just as a blogging system. Nobody could predict that very soon the platform will evolve into a fully operative, extremely flexible CMS, allowing designers and developers release all their creativity and implement it into completely insane experiments.

But all is well that ends well. Now we will try to prove the fact with these inconceivable WordPress websites gathered with the only aim: to bring a cheerful smile on your face. Hoping we will succeed in this adventurist venture.

Humorous design? Hem! Not an easy task…

You know, it’s rather difficult to create a humorous design. You should be really talented and skillful to cope with the task. Besides, you need to be rather daring and self-confident not to be afraid of looking ridiculous. However, we managed to scare up some top-class WordPress designs developed with a fraction of healthy humor.

We wish you a nice viewing…

1. Please Fix My Site

Look at this smiling red-faced foureyes! Isn’t his face immediately helps to recognize the brand?

Please Fix My Site

2. Green Splash

Have you seen the movie “The Planet of Apes”? Do you think this intelligent monkey with fixed look have flown from that planet especially to make its experiments on these poor boys with something looking like colanders on their heads? Or maybe they are a team of scientists standing on the edge of some genius discovery?

Green Splash

3. Born 4 Digital

Do you like comics? It’s a great idea to present company staff in comic-style. The page is funny and trustworthy at the same time as all of us believe in superheroes somewhere deep in our souls. The idea goes back to our childhood dreams, which we carefully store during our serious adult life.

Born 4 Digital

4. Anthem Creation

Just agree that their headless conductor is something! Do you think he really needs a head to do his job? Anyway, he has a pair of hands to brandish a baton with.

Anthem Creation

5. Anita Arsova

Ladies, don’t be upset if you lost one eye and tore your tights. Just continue to wear them and buy yourself a pirate eye bandage. A ragged cat style is in vogue!

Anita Arsova

6. Pixels & Aromates

This guy in chef’s uniform with a huge spoon in his hands and a knife behind his back looks like a lunatic ninja fighting abreast with his army of alive vegetables.

Pixels & Aromates

7. Code Diva

The girl should have a very uncommon attitude of mind to make a tattoo like that, although, it looks rather sexy.

Code Diva

8. CL Design

Watch multiple facial expressions of this boy’s illustration! He’s cute… We wonder if he has much in common with the real character, a website owner.

CL Design

9. Acotel Interactive

Animal illustrations on this site can melt the heart of the most inveterate skeptics. As for us, we nurture special sympathy for the flying piggy.

Acotel Interactive

10. Mongoldude

Every detail on this site is developed with great taste and flashing sense of humor. Mongol warriors fighting against the sharp-clawed e-monster are simply inimitable. Texts and slogans are extremely witty.


11. Laninapolilla

Look at the dreamy smile of this super girl! What is she thinking of? Maybe she’ll tell you if you hover on her…


12. Paco Guzman

Look at these caricatures! If they won’t part your lips in a smile, then, you are a hopeless pessimist.

Paco Guzman

13. Funny Faces by Jessica

Are you afraid of tigers? Not of this one, we guess, as he looks more like a personage from Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon. We wonder if he can also jump on his tail.

Funny Faces by Jessica

14. The Hoopla Tool Shed

A woman with a snout of meerkat?! My Lord, these guys should be very creative!

The Hoopla Tool Shed

15. All You

Just look at this model’s face. It seems as if she knows ‘what you did last summer’…

All You

16. Stigma Host

Have you ever seen a wasp in a tie? It turns out that some of these insects are very pedantic when it comes to corporate clothing choice.

Stigma Host

17. Shisha Lovers

Do you think all of us look so stupid smoking shisha or it’s just this sweet couple?

Shisha Lovers

18. Minimals

Nice cards, aren’t they? Minimal, sweet and cheery!


19. Mr. Visual

Do you know who Mr. Visual is? After seeing his portrait you will definitely wish to get more information on him.

Mr. Visual

20. Made by Fibb

There is nothing more interesting than to observe numerous human face expressions. These guys made a go in the art of posing.

Made by Fibb

21. Fitz

Yes, this dude with face paint in the form of lightning is very cool and grave, but he is so ridiculous that it’s difficult to suppress the laughter.


22. Herrlich Media

Watch the background video. The guys are just fooling around, but they make it perfectly. And this noble red hussar moustache… how odd they are…

Herrlich Media

23. Alist Apart

How did such a small hen manage to lay this huge egg? Maybe it has just stolen it from an elephant… but the elephants don’t lay eggs… or they do?

Alist Apart

24. Paravel

Do you think two of these three dashing Mexicans riding their well-fed horses and firing their pistols into the air are twins (as well as their horses)?


25. Wedding Photographers

Wedding ceremony is a serious matter and most of wedding photographers’ sites look more like funeral parlors, but not this one. It makes a great difference, reminding the couples that the event is a holiday, a red-letter day that may happen once in a lifetime.

Wedding Photographers

Our collection came to its end, and now we want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Isn’t humor a good way to draw visitor’s attention to your product or service? Maybe you came across some other funny designs surfing the net… Your reflections and examples are always welcomed in the comment section.

Helga Moreno is a learning junkie, requiring a new dose of fresh information every day. She is always keeping her notepad at hand not to miss a single thrilling event happening in cyberspace.