Client Testimonials

Gary Borislow Gary Borislow, Inquisitive, LLC
ArtDriver did a fantastic job on the development of my website. They were able to meet my specifications and the final product is exactly as I hoped it would be. They are very flexible, responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. I recommend them wholeheartedly.
Andrew Longstreth Andrew Longstreth, Infinite Global Consulting
Oleksiy was a pleasure to work with on a project in which we launched a news site in less than two months. I found Oleksiy to be responsive and knowledgeable. I would work with him and his firm again.
Andres Matheu Andres Matheu, Homm Certified Painting Systems
ArtDriver has made a significant improvement by re-designing our website. Our experience with them has been a great one and we highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for a real expert and a pro.
Chuck Konigsberg Chuck Konigsberg, The Federal Budget Group LLC
I highly recommend Art Driver for website design. Their work is professional, efficient, and collaborative!
Dmitry Brant, CTO Dmitry Brant, CTO, ClaimMaster Software LLC
We've been a happy client of ArtDriver for many years. They always deliver high-quality, efficient work on a reasonable budget.
Sara Phillips Sara Phillips, DistrictPerfumery
Oleksiy and the team at ArtDriver did a wonderful re-design of my website. What I most appreciated about their service was how quickly Oleksiy responded to my emails! Very impressive and professional. I highly recommend to anyone or any business who needs website services. Thank you.
David Konstantin David Konstantin, Konstantin Lighting
Oleksiy and his team were extremely easy to work with and did a great job designing my website and -- through their diligent SEO efforts -- making sure prospects can find it. My questions are often answered in minutes, and assistance with any issue is freely available. Within just weeks of the new site's launch, inquiries increased noticeably, and many have turned into profitable clients. I wholeheartedly recommend ArtDriver, and plan to use them again for another business I'm involved with. (
Avisha Hendiazad Avisha Hendiazad, Sorelle Home
Sorelle and my team has been working with ArtDriver for about 9 months and every month the sales have been increasing! Within a few days of starting our SEO campaign we had first page placement which is key with e-commerce! As soon as I shoot off an email there is a reply back on how to get it done!
Sergei Danilian Sergei Danilian, Ardani Artists
I am very happy to work with ArtDriver. In the business I am in, we are always able to find the best vendor for us. The ArtDriver's founder, Oleksiy, is very talented and strives for perfection. Five stars deserved, no doubt about it!
Peter Hickey Peter Hickey, Heller & Metzger, PC
What a great experience with ArtDriver! Oleksiy and his team are creative, easy to work with and had many ideas for our website. Their work is truly quality oriented. ArtDriver is professional, responsive and diligent. Management is very happy with the finished product, and we would work with Oleksiy again.
Ellen Kostrubiak Ellen Kostrubiak, Presentation of Our Lord UCC
We were referred to the ArtDriver team when we were totally frustrated with our previous host company. We discussed other companies, but once we started working with Oleksiy and team, we never looked back; a completely wonderful experience. Oleksiy was very responsive to all of our questions, explained everything in detail, was patient in working through issues with our previous host, and redesigned our site to make it so much better than before! I would highly recommend the ArtDriver team!
Charles Juris Charles Juris, Founder at Energy House
Some can say they're as good but none can say they are better than Oleksiy and his ArtDriver team. Had another web site company, nationally known for low cost development of web sites. 9 months later no web site and no real help. We got exactly what we were paying for, nothing. The launch date for the site was right on top of us and we finally pulled the plug on the national firm and went to Oleksiy. For a very reasonable fee he recreated a tremendous site, learned all about my business and we launched on time. He did it in two weeks. That is not the usual for anyone but when you need ArtDriver they are there and they always come through. In a world of master con artists Oleksiy and his team are the real deal in many ways. Do not hesitate, put him to work for you and you will not be sorry.
John Wimberly John Wimberly, Pastor, Western Presbyterian Church
I have been using ArtDriver for several years. They are fabulous. The work gets done in hours. The quality of the work is impeccable. The price is reasonable. I can't imagine a better service provider for websites and other related work. If you want to speak to me personally, feel free to do so. I love to explain what great work ArtDriver does.
Gina Palladino Gina Palladino, Silver Tree Consulting
Oleksiy is wonderful to work with and has been very responsive to my questions; he continues to assist me in a timely and friendly fashion. Thank you, O, for your work and commitment to your clients.
Domenic Caruso Domenic Caruso, President Falcon Eye Global Security, LLC
I am so thankful that I was recommended to Oleksiy and the Art Driver team of "EXPERTS" by my friend Alex. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism, amazing results and their understanding of my business needs. My project was completed quickly and to my total satisfaction. This was the 1st of several other updates/ideas that I will have them working on over the next several months. I highly recommend Oleksiy and his entire team to my fellow business associates.
Joshua L. Dermott Joshua L. Dermott, NACUA
I’m very pleased with the work done by Oleksiy, Denis, and others at ArtDriver. They were professional, quick to respond, and helped me understand website development – something I had no previous experience with. I felt the quality of their work was excellent.
Luis Aguillar Luis Aguillar, Creative Associates International
Working with ArtDriver was a dream! Oleksiy and his team are patient and understanding. They take the time to figure out exactly what you need and help you get to that goal. I highly recommend them for you project.
Tom Peckenham Tom Peckenham, Corporate Action Network
I hired ArtDriver to provide SEO services for my client, a K-Street PAC (you know the type). Not only was the work superb, and the experience both professional and a pleasure, I have since used their initial audit as an example of the kind of best practices I hope anyone doing SEO will emulate.
Madiha Waris Qureshi Madiha Waris Qureshi, Rights & Resources
Oleksiy and his team conducted the Rights and Resources Initiative website's SEO audit a few months ago and created an extremely comprehensive and high quality report which is now helping us in our new website redesign. He is easy to work with and very professional, not to mention quick and thorough. Great job!
Liz Fanning Liz Fanning, Founding Director at CorpsAfrica
I found ArtDriver after a several thwarted attemps to update our website through GoDaddy, crowdspring, and a few independent website consultants. I'm old school where website technology is concerned and, basically, I didn't know what I didn't know. I kept committing to a new developer, struggling to figure out what they said they were doing for me, feeling frustrated and disappointed both in the process and the product, and then cutting my losses and starting over. I found ArtDriver on the web (Google search for "DC website developer" and read on their website a review by someone I happen to know and respect - so I went for it - again. Oleksiy has been wonderful - explaining everything, being courteous, forthright, and prompt, making everything as simple and clear as possible - and most important - I'm happy with the website itself ( I highly recommend ArtDriver!!!
Michael Pillsbury Michael Pillsbury, Author, The Hundred Year Marathon
ArtDriver did a really good job in building my website. Their consultants were very responsive, easy to work with and always ready to advise on any questions I had.
Steve Rose Steve Rose, Founder & CEO, MapDispatch, Inc
The ArtDriver team has surpassed all my expectations, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a website or optimize search for their site. They have been working with me for the past 14 months and I have no complaints.
Evelyn L. Payton Evelyn L. Payton, Writer, Literary Empire
ArtDriver took my hand drawn sketch on a piece of paper and literally brought it to life online. It was watching my dream come true. It was exactly like I wanted and imagined. I could not be more happier or prouder of my beautifully custom designed website. Since this is a personal website of my literary works, I felt like I could talk to them about any changes or corrections and no detail was overlooked. I truly felt like they listened to me and they shared my vision. Thanks again Oleksiy and your talented ArtDriver team.
Heidi Curtis Heidi Curtis, Forever Icon LLC
It was great working with Oleksiy and his team on the development of my website. They demonstrated outstanding quality and creativity. The staff was efficient, professional and responsive at all times. Regardless of what I requested, Oleksiy always took the time to listen to me and deliver a solution. ArtDriver did an excellent job and I would definitely work with them again. Oleksiy and his team is positively the best in the industry!
Sally Hamidi Sally Hamidi, President, Citylights Realty Group
Oleksiy and his team at ArtDriver are extremely professional and knowledgable. I've hired ArtDriver to take on many updates and services, more notably an overhaul of our website, SEO services, consulting and advice on how to better run the website and increase our online visibility and I have to say I couldn't be more pleased. He's always on the ball with any questions that I've had, extremely professional and timely. I've recommended their services to other colleagues as well. It goes without saying that I plan on having Oleksiy and his company on our side for a very long time.
Owen Jarvis Owen Jarvis, Attorney, The Chang Law Firm
Very fast and professional website design. They created a perfect framework for us to use and customize, along with a blog. Couldn't be happier with the results!
David D. Kassir David D. Kassir, President, Georgetown Investment Company
Incredible effective work. I saw my rating immediately surge once Artdriver took control of our site. This is one strategy that's fortified my position on the web among all of my competitors. Additionally they has extremely prompt in getting back to me and letting me know and understand what all is entailed to ensure that success!
Anastasia Anastasia, Alex Galleries, Washington, DC
ArtDriver is an exceptional web design and search optimizing firm. Founder Oleksiy is immensely talented, fast, and committed to excellence. Our gallery has dramatically increased web-driven inquiries related to art and space rental since we commissioned ArtDriver to overhaul our site. Best of all, ArtDriver is very reasonably priced. Five stars, plus.
Javier Flores Javier Flores, President, Madera Floors LLC
We hired Art Driver to overhaul our existing website and are very pleased with the results. Oleksiy the founder of the company is a true professional. The work was delivered on time and with great results. We have just hired them to do more work and we are certain the results will be just as good as the initial website overhaul. I highly recommend them.
Brian Setness Brian Setness, CEO, Healthy Buildings Solutions LLC
Artdriver is a first class organization. From concept to delivery they made every effort to provide gudiance and design elements to ensure the finished product was on target with our original creative brief. Artdriver seems to know what looks appealing while still maintaining function. They are truly a joy to work with throughout what could normally be a daunting process. Oleksiy is very smart! The relationship we have built is critical to the development of our website. We are now continuing on to create a video using Artdriver's expertise. If you have any questions they are responsive, clear, concise and relevant. We had a major concern working with them at first based on OUR un-related prior experiences with web designers and are so happy we chose Artdriver out of all the so called web developers out there that are less than professional or able. Artdriver is a great find and you will not be disappointed with their quality, effort, client service or overall value. Five star rating from us!
Elena Reyes Elena Reyes, CEO, Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing
It has been such a pleasure working with Oleksiy. His company just completed a major (expensive) project for our company and he did an outstanding job delivering results above expectations. I'm very impressed with his level of professionalism, integrity as well as with his commitment to delivering the best. I'm very much looking forward to continue working with him and establishing a long lasting business relationship.
Jay Bass Jay Bass, President, Payment Partners Inc
Our experience with ArtDriver has been excellent. Hard working, great ideas and improvements, and a pleasure to work with. ArtDriver developed a comprehensive ecommerce website ( for us in less than 5 months and did an outstanding job. We will continue to work with ArtDriver and highly recommend their services.
Candace Candace, Cakes Baker
It's been great working with ArtDriver!! They have been extremely professional and responsive. Oleksiy responded to all of my requests quickly and provided me with the perfect website! I love my new site. ArtDriver can get the job done!

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