Top Social Networking Sites – Timeline

In this post we wanted to cover the evolution of social networking and publish a list of top 19 social networking sites with their corresponding founding dates. The graphic below illustrates when each of the social networking sites was launched and its current (as of March 13, 2010) membership level. We also list some basic description for each of the sites to enlighten the readers that besides Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, there is a number of other very popular social networking sites that get less media attention but have at least 30,000,000 registered users.

Social Networking Evolution

Badoo - General, popular in Europe. Open to people 18 and older
Bebo - General
Facebook - General
Flixster - Video related
Flickr - Photo related
Friendster - General
Habbo - General for teens. Over 31 communities worldwide. Chat room and user profiles
Hi5 - Popular in India, Portugal, Mongolia, Thailand, Romania, Central Africa and Latin America
LinkedIn - Business and professional networking
MySpace - General. Good for artists, bands
Odnoklassniki - Connect with old classmates. Popular in Russia and former Soviet republics
Orkut - General. Owned by Google Inc. Popular in Brazil and decreasingly, in India
Qzone - General. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users
Tagged - General. Subject to quite some controversy about its e-mail marketing and privacy policy
Twitter - Micro-blogging, RSS, updates
Vkontakte - For Russian-speaking world including former Soviet republics. Biggest site in Russia
Windows Live Spaces - Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces)


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