The 7 Best Careers for Tech Lovers

The 7 Best Careers for Tech LoversIf you’ve long considered turning your passion for tech into a profession, then you should know that there’s no better time to do so than today. In this day and age, opportunities in the technology sector are plentiful and very much in-demand, meaning you’d never have to worry about not finding the perfect job.

Whatever interests you about technology, if you have enough passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for the sector, you’ll always be able to carve out a fruitful career for yourself. Here are seven of the best careers out there for tech lovers:

1. Advanced Robotics

More and more industries are beginning to utilize and even rely on advanced robotics technology. By entering this specific sector, you would study and work on this kind of automation tech day in, day out, your end-goal being to design a piece of technology that befits the company paying for your service. One week you could be building healthcare tech, the next you could be building tech for a manufacturing company.

In order to get started with your career in advanced robotics, you’re going to need an education. At this stage, you should know that your studies, and even your career as a whole, are not going to be straightforward.

Advanced robotics is very much an interdisciplinary sector, and you’re going to need a wide knowledge range. The core subjects that you should take comprise of Mathematics, Physics, Computing and Programming, and Design and Technology; depending on what exact career path you wish to go down, you’re also going to have to take a course that teaches specific subject knowledge. If you wish to work on the ‘nervous system’ of robotic tech, for example, then you should take a course that provides a basis in electronics and system embedding. The online Masters degree in Electrical Engineering offered by Michigan Tech is one such course that you should consider in this instance — as a graduate of it, you would have the tools and know-how needed to be able to understand how to create and control robots.

Your education shouldn’t be pigeonholed to what you are taught, however. You should also take it upon yourself to fiddle with electronics in your spare time, too. The Lego Mindstorms kit is a good place to start — it’s not just for children, and it will help you to get to grips with robotics. For more of a challenge when it comes to teaching yourself how to embed systems, you could use the Raspberry Pi.

2. IT Security

Cybercrime is very much on the rise, which means that there is a demand for IT security now more than ever. If you want to devote your career to protecting small businesses from hackers, viruses, and malware, then this could be the career path for you.

As a professional in IT security, it would be your job to work closely with antivirus software and other security programs to ensure that your clients remain safe. You would monitor their network at all points in a bid to unearth potential weaknesses should they arise, and you would also investigate whenever suspicious behavior takes place.

3. Software Development

Companies need specific kinds of software so that they are able to produce and perform their unique services. As a result, the software development profession is flourishing.

To be a successful software developer, you would have to become well versed in knowing what your clients want, even when they don’t know this themselves. You’d also have to be able to run diagnostics to ensure that each piece of software that you produce works to its optimum capability.

4. Web Development

Another area of development that you could enter is the web. As a web developer, it would be your job to help businesses boost their online presence and increase their Internet traffic.

Your specific job would be to build and maintain the company website. Your key responsibilities would be to:

  • Write code
  • Create applications
  • De-bug applications
  • Work on graphics, video, and/or audio content
  • Monitor website traffic
  • Develop site layout

5. Database Administration

There is a definite demand for database administrators. In such a role, you would install, configure, upgrade, maintain, and protect different databases.

To be able to land such a role, first and foremost, you’re going to need a Bachelor’s degree in either Management Information or Computer Science. You’re also going to need to work on a number of different personal abilities, the main of which being your analytical, critical thinking, and logic skills.

6. Mobile App Design

If you want to get into an industry that is still in its infancy yet is burgeoning at the same time, then you should get into mobile app design. As this kind of designer, it would be your job to optimize apps for smartphone and tablet usage — the main bulk of your time would be spent ensuring that the apps that you create can be accessed on all the formats they are designed to be run upon.

If you want to make a lot of money in your career, then this could be the one for you. Some of the biggest apps are said to make over $1m every day!

7. Start Your Own Tech Business

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial streak coursing through your veins, then you should consider starting your very own tech business. You could take the above advice and create a startup to enter the above industries, or you could choose a completely different route. Whatever way you go, make sure you have a passion for the kind of technological service that you offer. Having a passion for what you do will see you turn your startup into a market leader in no time.

If you’re a true techy, nothing should hold you back from carving a career for yourself out of the pathways listed above. Whether you get into advanced robotics, whether you try your hand at IT security, whether give software or web development a go, whether you seek to become a database administrator, whether you jump into the world of mobile app design, or whether you start your own company, there’s always a technology pathway out there for you take.

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