SEO Impact of Parallax Scrolling

SEO Impact of Parallax ScrollingWe all know how design impacts users’ minds. Nowadays the customer is more attracted to visuals so web design should be made in a more attractive manner and for that parallax scrolling is most useful. Every coin has two sides; likewise parallax scrolling has some pros and some cons. Let’s see what parallax scrolling is and how it impacts SEO.

“By using good images in your web design you have more chance of getting a conversion.”

What is Parallax Scrolling?

The parallax effect is new to web design technology and today it’s booming in the market. Parallax scrolling means moving your background images at different speeds to create the illusion of 3D depth.

There is ample material available on the internet for creation of parallax scrolling sites. Brands like Nike and many more are now moving to these parallax scrolling sites to provide better visual and a 3-dimension experience to their users.

The Technology Used For Creating Parallax Scrolling

Previously, when we were designing our websites we were using flash for creating this visual and 3-dimension effect. But we had one disadvantage in that flash is not search engine friendly. Nowadays we use HTML 5, J Query, CSS 3, JavaScript and many other technologies to create the parallax scrolling effect.

Who Can Use Parallax Effects?

Parallax scrolling is new to the industry and so it’s not familiar to people at large. Here I will help them to decide who can use parallax scrolling on their websites. Let’s say you are a well established site or brand and you get more visits from brand keywords. Then you can use parallax scrolling effect for that. For example, we can show our customers multiple angles of our products so they can view them from a variety of angles and greatly improve chances of conversation like bagigia has done:

SEO Impact of Parallax Scrolling - Bagigia

SEO Benefits of Parallax Scrolling

1. One Product Sites

Parallax scrolling is a totally new way of building a website design. If we have only one product in our company or organization, we only need to promote that product and so we can use parallax scrolling. Check out this one product site It can use parallax scrolling to show different angles of its product, like how it looks and much more. That will create a good user experience.

2. Better User Experience

Users are normally attracted to good visual things. So when we use parallax scrolling to create our website then people will get more attracted to our website. They will also like to scroll on our site and interact with it.

3. Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate means the number of visitors who visit our site and leave it before viewing other pages. Bounce rate has an impact on the ranking of your site. So if we use parallax scrolling for our site then there is no possibility of visitors moving to another page for it’s a one-page site.  It will create a good user experience and induce visitors to keep scrolling and ultimately reduce the bounce rate which is good from an SEO point of view.

4. If We Are Using Parallax Scrolling Design Then It’s Fine For Tablets and Mobiles As It’s a One-page Site

Think from the point of view of the user who is using Tablets and mobile phones to browse the website.  If we use traditional design to create our website then we have certain different pages in that site. So we need to create equivalent pages for mobile sites and when we are browsing our website from a mobile or Tablet it will take some time to move to another page in that device. But if we are using a one-page site or parallax scrolling then visitors not need move from one page to another. It will reduce redirection time and create good experience for mobiles and Tablet users.

5. Parallax Scrolling Website Is Mainly Used For Brand's Website

Nowadays we all know how branded things are popular in the market. So brands like Nike are moving to parallax scrolling. Most of us are aware about Nike and so when we want to search anything related to Nike we always mention the word ‘Nike’ in our search query to get results from Nike pages. For Nike parallax scrolling is very useful as it is a well- known brand.

6. Storytelling Capability

When you are creating your website with the help of traditional methods then it’s very difficult to tell the story of the product or organization. But if we are using parallax scrolling then it's easy to tell our customers the story about our product for it’s a one-page site. For example, If you are making shoes and you want to tell your customer how these shoes were made to give them an idea about excellent shoe designs, what type of material we are using to make these shoes and the overall story of that shoe, then we can cover all with the help of parallax scrolling in only one page. Certain things should be kept in mind while you are creating your product story. It should be interactive and provide best visual experience to the user.

7. Showing Online Catalogs

Some companies show online catalogs to their customers. So for such companies parallax scrolling can create catalogs which are good user experience. Ultimately there are more chances that the visitor will convert into customer and buy the products.

8. Attract Natural BackLinks and Social Shares

Parallax scrolling itself creates a good visual experience for users so there are chances that it should attract some good back link. As the design is good more users are going to share and spread it on the internet and there is a chance of getting natural back link and also a good amount of natural shares in social media platforms.


We have covered some basics of parallax scrolling in this article and how it is useful from an SEO point of view. You are most welcome with new ideas and benefits of parallax scrolling in the comment section.

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