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Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

As a business owner, running a perfect corporate website should top your list of priorities. If you’re operating a WordPress site and are keen on making it compatible with the mobile phones, then this post will serve as your perfect guide. It is also worth mentioning that as of April 21, 2015, Google is officially considering mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in their search engine ranking algorithm.

4 PM Practices For Software Development

The major project objectives are on time completion, cost effectiveness and superior quality, and to achieve them, having effective project management practices in place is a must. In this blog post we will cover 4 project management practices that contribute to a successful delivery of your software development project and reduce the project failure rate.

Three Things That Affect Local SEO

For anybody who has paid close enough attention to the world of internet marketing and SERPs (search engine results pages) for the past year or two, the phrase “Local Search” is no stranger. For others who may be hearing this phrase for the first time, and/or are considering investing in a Local Search campaign, please go over this short multiple choice answer test.

WordPress Site Hacked? Solution Time

We here at ArtDriver love WordPress and use this content management system (CMS) quite often for our clients’ custom web development projects. It’s no secret, that the global web community also loves WordPress given the fact that it is the most popular CMS based on the CMS usage statistics gathered by BuiltWith.

38 Free Online SEO Tools

With a constantly growing influx of new technologies in the digital marketing industry, job responsibilities of SEOs are no longer focused around the on-page keyword integration and off-page link building strategies. SEOs have been faced with an array of new tasks and challenges related to usability and goal conversion rates.

Why Do You Need Wireframes For Web Design

Have you ever heard the term “wireframing”? Do you know what it is?

A wireframe is an image (or a set of images) that displays the functional elements of a given page on a website. Wireframes are used for planning the website’s layout prior to engaging into a full-fledged web design process.

Using the ‘Moving Man’ Method of Broken Link Building

Essentially we’re talking about broken link building on steroids. You need to focus on finding the right fit for your links by reaching out to people with similar interests who are currently linking to pages that have moved, stopped offering a service or have shut down. When done right, the Moving Man method offers a win-win exchange that helps all involved.

10 Tips to Increase Shopping Cart Conversions

Shopping cart conversions are the bread and butter for e-commerce companies. Optimizing and increasing those checkout conversions is paramount to the success of the e-commerce business model. Therefore, it is very important that e-commerce business owners continually test out and make changes to improve upon the existing layout of their sites.

SEO for Reputation Management

Building a good reputation requires a lot of work whether it is online or offline. It can take years to establish yourself as a credible person or business, and this hard work can be demolished within a brief moment of time.

Top 5 Project Management Tools For E-commerce

Using the power and flexibility of e-commerce has become quite popular in the retail industry. Companies can save a lot of money by not having physical store locations and taking advantage of online shopping. Customers, on the other hand, can find products faster and get better prices online rather than in physical stores.