Microsoft Makes “Office Twitter” Open For Testing

It is no secret that with the recent success of Twiter, major players in the world wide web arena (Microsoft and Google) have been competing on developing a similar micro-blogging web application. While Google has already announced about the launch of Google Buzz , Microsoft is yet to surprize the users with its innovative product. For those of us who are interested in being the first ones to know about the new developments, it is my pleasure to let you know that "Twitter-like" application by Microsoft has been made available to the public for beta testing.

The application by Microsoft is called "Office Talk." Here is how the company describes its product,

Ever wish you could share information broadly within your organization without emailing everyone? Ever wish you could keep the pulse of what people in your organization think is interesting? Microblogging has that potential. OfficeTalk is a concept test to explore the value of microblogging in the enterprise. OfficeTalk is deployed internally at Microsoft and has seen over 10,000 visitors and hundreds of messages posted daily. We're now making OfficeTalk available to a few customers in a small pilot test. Because this is an early-stage concept, the OfficeTalk microblogging experience itself looks very similar to other well-known services. The key difference is that the enterprise owns the data since the OfficeTalk server is hosted in the customer's organization.

Office Talk micro-blogging application by Microsoft

Office Talk micro-blogging application by Microsoft

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