How to Write Effective SEO Articles

How to Write Effective SEO ArticlesA large part of promoting your business and website involves article marketing. Successful business owners know that in addition to creating engaging and value added content for their website, they also need to regularly post feature articles to other resources including blogs that are connected to their niche market. Let's take a quick look at how one should structure a well-written article.

Article Body

Business owners manage to create feature articles which help them build their brand reputation and give their SEO a boost, but many find getting the high quality articles needed in today’s competitive online world requires the assistance of a content writing company. Even if you’re planning on using a service to handle your article marketing, you still need to know what makes a top quality feature article, otherwise you won’t know if you’re getting the biggest possible bang for your buck.

Basic Structure of a Good Feature Article

One of the main things that separate great feature articles from the ones that just don’t seem to work is the structure. The reader should know exactly what topic the article will be about after reading the introductory paragraph. From there, the article should provide accurate and interesting information about that topic. It’s important the article stays on point; it shouldn’t bounce from one subject matter to the next. If the first paragraph mentions tips for choosing the best combine for wet fields, it shouldn’t switch to sprayers and pesticides half way through the piece. The very last paragraph should be a concise wrap up. If a question were asked in the first paragraph, the reader should know the answer to the question by the time they finish the article.

Check Accuracy

The fastest way to lose any credibility you have will be posting a feature article that contains inaccurate information. Experienced readers will quickly find the mistake. Hopefully, you’ve managed to hire a content writing service that already has a strong understanding about your particular niche, but it’s up to you to go over the information. Don’t let any feature article to get posted anywhere until you’ve had a chance to read it.

Don't forget to make sure all of the sources have been properly referenced. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a copyright dispute because you forgot to give credit where credit was due.

Use Expert Quotes Whenever Possible

You shouldn’t stick random quotes from industry experts into an article, but if you can find a quote that fits the topic, and there’s an organic method to add it to the meat of your article, by all means you should include them. The quotes can be a useful way to drive home a point you’re trying to make. Including data gathered during a scientific research can also be a good way to illustrate a point and to add credibility to your feature article. Again, it’s very important to make sure everything has been properly referenced.

Be Concise

Even though a long sentence that’s full of commas may look appealing and feel literary, when it comes to SEO article writing you want to avoid the urge and keep things concise and simple. Long sentences can be difficult to read. The people who find your article will be much more likely to read the article from start to finish when you keep things short and to the point.

Let the Article Age

When it comes to effective article writing, you shouldn’t post something online as soon as it’s been written. Walking away from the article and doing else, even for a few hours, allows you to come back to the article and look at it with fresh eyes. The short break increases the chances of you catching typos and other things that need to be repaired before the feature article goes live.


When you remember these simple tips, you can rest assured that every single feature article you post will be wildly successful as long as the article brings value to users and the resource it is published on!

Since writing for a leading content writing company, Mark Long, being an expert in SEO Article Writing, has written thousands of feature articles.