How to Change Ukraine’s Image on Google

Euro 2012 in UkraineLots of Ukrainians are furious at the fact that Ukrainian dating sites dominate Google search results about Ukraine. Google Autocomplete (or Google Instant) inserts “Ukrainian women” as one of the top options to search for. While Ukrainian women are beautiful, websites of the Ukrainian agencies that focus on arranged marriages are not the best sources of information to promote Ukraine’s image. Let’s work together to change this!

One can find tons of various Ukrainian dating sites that make money by connecting Ukrainian women with foreign men. These sites seem to be profitable, and while they dominate organic Google search results, they also invest in Google paid ads and occupy top screen real estate spots located above the organic (non-paid) listings. All of this makes relevant promotional information about Ukraine go unnoticed.

How to Change Ukraine’s Image on Google

Ukrainian dating sites dominate Google SERPs

In the wake of Euro 2012, The Netherlands created a sexy ad that infuriated Ukraine. The ad supposedly made use of erotic images of Ukrainian women and has triggered a diplomatic row between Amsterdam and Kyiv.

What Can We Do to Change Ukraine’s Image on Google?

Having worked on search engine optimization for quite some time, we know that Google Autocomplete suggestions depend on the number of purely objective factors (e.g. the popularity/volume of search terms). If we start searching on Google for specific terms, we can change the dominant autocomplete options and move the “Ukrainian women” term down the list. We need to be organized though and focus on 2-3 terms to get the most out of our efforts. Let’s promote the “Ukrainian culture” and “Ukrainian people” terms.

So Here is What We Ask You to Do:

  1. Search for “ukrainian culture” and “ukrainian people” phrases.
  2. Spread the message about this campaign around.
  3. Those who do not understand English can read a Google Translate version of this page.
Ukrainian culture Ukrainian People

Here is What the Ukrainian Government Can Do:

Invest in Google Ad Words to promote Ukraine by bidding higher than the dating agencies on the keyword “Ukraine” and “Ukrainian.” This will move down (or eliminate from the 1st page) the dating sites’ ad positions. If you do not know how to run Google Ad Words campaigns, please get in touch with us, and we will help.

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  • Peter

    Seems that many people are interested in intercultural dating, not I am now aware of any arranged marriages coming out of the Ukriane. Does that mean that people who meet on are arranged marriages as well?? In any case not sure you need to try and artificially change the results on google, I just typed in Ukraine and the first 13 listings were all about the Ukraine and culture, nothing to do with dating. But since there is such a huge lack of men who are willing to marry in the Ukraine there is a need for women to look elsewhere, perfectly natural and nothing wrong with that, not sure what your problem is with a woman trying to improve her chances at a happier life. you might want to do some real research, there have been govt reports published that show that this can be a great option for both men and women, there has also been some great academic studies such as Marriage Migration and Markets that also shows that most of the myths about Int. dating just are not true.

  • Oleksiy Synelnychenko

    Peter thanks for your comments! "Arranged" may be a harsh term - you are right. I think that it would be correct to say "marriages based on money." Doesn't the virtue of marriage is based on love? The blog post, however, is not focusing on the concept of "marriage." People are free to make choices. What we are stressing out is that the Ukrainian dating sites are dominating Google search results pages, because the dating agencies, more than anyone else in Ukraine, are investing money in the online marketing. We would like to make the Government of Ukraine aware of this and consider promoting tourism to Ukraine based not only on the Ukrainian women but on the Ukrainian culture, resorts, etc.