Google’s Image Filtering by Color Pattern

After Google completed unveiling its new SERP (search engine results page) layout on May 5, 2010, we have noticed a number of relevant improvements in filtering the search data. The introduction of the new left-hand side navigation bar, better logo colors, nicer search form design and its double positioning (on top and on the bottom) are definitely big steps forward. What is even more fascinating is the changes related to filtering image searches based on selected color patterns.

The ability to filter image search results using the new SERPs layout makes it much easier for people to find relevant graphics. Some significant improvements deal with the functionality to display Google image searches based on the selected color pattern of the images. Google allows to select one of the 12 different color patterns (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, pink, white, grey, black and brown). In the example below, we selected the green color pattern and received a set of images with the dominant green color pattern. There is a number of other image filtering parameters like size and type (face, photo, clip art, etc) for example, but these have been there for a while.

Google's Image Filtering by Color Pattern

To read more about Google's search engine results page changes, go to Google's official blog.

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