CSS3 Techniques for Web Design

CSS3 is a great way to improve website design, enrich users' experience on the web and decrease web page loading time by avoiding the use of heavy weight java scripts or other scripting elements. While CSS3 has existed for a while, not many web browsers had full support of CSS3 effects. Fortunately, these days web designers are able to use a number of amazing CSS3 techniques that are supported by major Internet browsers. We will list our top 5 favorite CSS3 techniques:

1. CSS3 Dropdown Menu

CSS3 drop down menu

2. CSS3 Roll Over Buttons

CSS3 roll over buttons

3. CSS3 Speech Bubbles

CSS3 speech bubbles

4. CSS3 Border Radius for Hover States

CSS3 border radius for hover states

5. Awesome CSS3 Demo featuring 3D graphs, photo gallery and more

CSS3 demo

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