ArtDriver Launches Mobile Version of Corporate Site

ArtDriver Launches Mobile Version of Corporate SiteArtDriver has officially launched a mobile version of the corporate website. The mobile site can be viewed at (Note: As of January 2014, we've retired and moved our main site to a responsive WordPress theme).

The technology behind the new site is based on HTML5/CSS3. We have implemented an auto redirect from the full site to the mobile site for all major smart phone agents while at the same time allowing the smart phone users to view the full site and read our blog.

Special thank you goes to the design and development team for making an effort in bringing this project to life on such a short notice and in spite of having a heavy workload.

Here is some statistical data on the marketing importance of mobile presence:

  • The size of the mobile market is currently 1.08 billion smartphone users and 3.05 billion sms enabled phones.
  • It is estimated that mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage by 2014.
  • 50% of all local searches are performed using a mobile device.
  • On average, Americans spend 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile device.

And here is a great infographic explaining the growing importance of mobile marketing:

Infographic explaining the growing importance of mobile marketing

Please let us know your thoughts on our new mobile site.

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