5 Reasons To Change a Web Hosting Company

5 Reasons To Change a Web Hosting CompanyChanging web hosting providers can prove to be a major hassle, but sometimes it needs to be done to protect a business and its reputation. The fact is that if a website is slow or it experiences regular downtimes, visitors are going to leave not going to come back. If you’re currently not happy with your web hosting company, here is a few of reasons why you should consider changing to a reputable provider as soon as possible:

1.     Increased Website Performance

Many of the top hosts like Certa Hosting have access to better networks and hardware when compared to other solutions, and that means their shared and reseller hosting packages are top performers. Therefore, if you opt in for a change today, you’ll often see an immediate increase in your website performance. Page loading speeds are becoming more and more important as consumers are getting more and more impatient. So, it’s crucial you offer an excellent user experience, otherwise, your visitors going to send your website packing.

2.     Better Customer Support

More often than not, as a website owner, you’re going to run into an odd problem or two, regardless of how small it is. Therefore, it’s crucial you have access to prompt support when you need it the most. If you’re not currently working with a reputable host, you’ll find support isn’t as quick to get, nor is it offered in a professional way. If you decide to change your web host, make sure you inquire about the support options and SLAs.

3.     Access to More Website Management Features

A lot of web hosting companies partner with cPanel to offer an easy management experience for their clients. It is up to a web host company to work with cPanel and introduce new resources and features. Many hosts stick with what they have access to rather than what they can offer in terms of features, so chooding a professional hosting solution could give you access to many more features that will make your website management very easy.

4.     Access to More Resources

It is not just the disk space and monthly data transfer you need to be considering; rather, it is also the ability to have access to more MySQL databases and email accounts, especially if your business is growing quite rapidly. If you don’t have access to multiple MySQL databases and a good number of email accounts, it could be a wise choice to change your website hosting provider today. For example, GoDaddy no longer offer free emails with your domain or web hosting package.

5.     Better Security

It is paramount that your website is secure or at least backed up regularly in case of any problems. Many reputable hosts offer free back up services so you can ensure your website files are not lost if a hacking attack does take place.

I hope these five basic reasons will be sufficient to not stop you changing your web hosting company if you are not happy with your current provider. Think carefully though as switching a provider can bring additional costs.

Amanda Cline is a professional PHP Programmer with an interest in web technologies of all sorts. She is currently employed with Xicom Technologies – the frontrunner in PHP development services.