3 Reasons Why My Website Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

3 Reasons Why My Website Isn’t Getting Enough TrafficIf you have a beautifully designed website, with all of the right information on it, strong branding and a good amount of information about your products or services, BUT you are still not getting enough traffic, there is definitely something you can do to improve these matters. Do not merely stand by and watch as your business performs in a mediocre fashion, follow these top tips and make sure you are doing all you can to direct visitors to your site.

1. You Lack Community Engagement

If you are not already a member of specialist industry groups on Facebook, look for one and send a request to join. Similarly, are all of your staff (and yourself) registered as LinkedIn members, and are they out there making connections? Make the most out of all of the features of the site and watch as the results come in. If you help to generate traffic for other websites, they will do the same in return. Do not underestimate the power of a niche in driving customers to you. It pays to be nice in business, because if you are not, other companies could rise and take your place without you noticing.

2. Your Blog is Not Up to Scratch

Most websites have a blog attached; therefore, if you do not, it’s time to start one now. It is one of the main ways to keep backlinks to your site coming, and it will greatly improve your position in search engines. If you have one and it’s not performing well, i.e. not directing traffic to your site, think about what your expectations are. Fewer than 200 hits a day on a blog is not great, but if your blog is part of a wider business strategy every little helps. Think about why your numbers are low. Are there spelling errors; is the content uninteresting or not related? Maybe you are not a natural writer, and should hire a copywriter to produce your content. Have you thought about vlogging? If you decide to go ahead remember that to offer video content you will need a good hosting package. If the idea of putting videos of yourself talking on the internet scares you, then think about outsourcing your content requirements. To maximize site visits, consider engaging other bloggers and responding directly to any comments or likes. Whether you want to level up your outreach, remove dead links, master influencer marketing, or analyze your competitors, it’s all here. This ‘personal’ feel will increase visitor time. Similarly, make sure you follow other blogs within your community; if you can try to comment occasionally, you may be able to further working relationships and network.

3. You Lack Multiplatform Appeal

To divert the most amount of traffic to your website as possible, make sure you are utilizing the amount of social media platforms you have at your disposal. Even if you only have a few thousand likes on Facebook, cross platform discoverability will add to your credentials and might be the difference between a brief visit and a purchase. Similarly, by keeping up with the latest trends on social media, you will be much better positioned to direct traffic to your site.

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